Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, I'm maintaining my abstinence from book-buying, and am still getting rid of TBR books at a greater rate than I'm acquiring them, although I haven't made a culling run through my shelves for a month or so.

Current numbers (from Feb. 1) are as follows:

Books acquired: 78 (all from Paperbackswap except for 2 freebies from Amazon Vine)

TBR books released: 347

Net loss: 269 books gone

Now, onto my September reading list:

1. THE ENCHANTER'S FOREST by Alys Clare (Hawkenlye Abbey historical mystery #10) B

2. TONIGHT I SAID GOODBYE by Michael Koryta (Lincoln Perry mystery #1) (AUDIO) B

3. HEXES AND HEMLINES by Juliet Blackwell (#3 Lily Ivory 'witchcraft' mystery) B-

4. RESOLUTION by Denise Mina (#3 Garnethill trilogy) A

5. THE DAY WILL COME by Judy Clemens (#4 Stella Crown mystery) A

6. A TRAIL OF INK by Mel Starr (#3 Hugh de Singleton historical mystery) B

7. THE HERMIT OF EYTON FOREST by Ellis Peters (#14 Brother Cadfael mystery) (AUDIO) A

8. ARTIFACTS by Mary Anna Evans (#1 Faye Longchamp mystery) B

9. THE DEVIL'S COMPANY by David Liss (#3 Benjamin Weaver historical mystery) (AUDIO) A-

10. READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline B

11. WILD INFERNO by Sandi Ault (#2 Jamaica Wild mystery) C+

12. THE PROTECTOR'S WAR by S.M. Stirling (#2 Change series) A

13. THE SECRET SPEECH by Tom Rob Smith (#2 Leo Demidov mystery) (AUDIO) B

14. HIDDEN MOON by James Church (#2 Inspector O mystery) B+