Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry, I'm just too busy and somewhat disinclined to take the time to write reviews, even brief ones. But here's a list of what I've read with grades. That'll have to do for now.

1. A BITTER FEAST by S.J. Rozan. (#5 Lydia Chin/Bill Smith mystery) B+

2. MATTY GROVES by Deborah Grabien (#3 Haunted Ballad mystery) A

3. ENGLISH LESSONS by J.M. Hayes. (#6 Mad Dog & Englishman mystery) A

4. CROSS by Ken Bruen (#6 Jack Taylor series) A

5. THE BLACK CAT by Martha Grimes (audio) (#22 Richard Jury mystery) B+

6. THE EAGLES' BROOD by Jack Whyte (#3 Camulod Chronicles historical fantasy series) A

7. KILLED AT THE WHIM OF A HAT by Colin Cotterill (#1 Jimm Juree mystery) A

8. THE MANOR OF DEATH by Bernard Knight (#12 Crowner John historical mystery) B

9. NEW TRICKS by David Rosenfelt (audio) (#7 Andy Carpenter mystery) A

10. AFTERTIME by Sophie Littlefield (#1 Aftertime fantasy) B

11. THE VICTIM IN VICTORIA STATION by Jeanne M. Dams (#5 Dorothy Martin mystery) C

12. A PIECE OF JUSTICE by Jill Paton Walsh (#2 Imogen Quy mystery) A

13. THE MAPPING OF LOVE AND DEATH by Jacqueline Winspear (audio)(#7 Maisie Dobbs) A+

14. MARCH VIOLETS by Philip Kerr (#1 Bernie Guenther historical mystery) B+

15. THE GREAT TYPO HUNT by Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson (non-fiction) B

16. THE KILLING WAY by Tony Hays (#1 Arthurian mystery) A

17. THE CASE OF THE MAN WHO DIED LAUGHING by Tarquin Hall (audio) (#2 Vish Puri mystery) A

18. THE TAKE by Graham Hurley (#2 Joe Faraday mystery) B+

19. DOWNPOUR by Kat Richardson (#6 Greywalker paranormal mystery) A

20. TIL DEATH by Ed McBain (#9 87th Precinct mystery) B

21. THE BIG DIG by Linda Barnes (AUDIO)(#9 Carlotta Carlyle mystery) B+

22. ARABESK by Barbara Nadel (#3 Cetin Ikmen mystery) B

23. AN IRISH COUNTRY DOCTOR by Patrick Taylor (#1 Irish Country Doctor serial) A

24. MOURNING GLORIA by Susan Wittig Albert (#19 China Bayles mystery)